A heroic effort by Atiqur in Bangladesh

Atiqur Ramand and his wife

In Bangladesh the situation is tough right now during the Covid19-pandemic. But our colleagues do their best to support their fellow human beings. One of them is Atiqur Rahman, who raised funds and distributed food packages to more than 70 families – a true heroic effort.

Atiqur Rahman works as Merchandiser at KappAhl in Dhaka, Bangladesh. As many of his colleagues in our Bangladesh office, he has decided to use his creativity, energy and courage to help some of the many people in need. Here is his story:

“On 5th April my wife got a phone call from her junior colleague (he was travelling to his village due to office break on that time) and he was saying that a poor woman came to their home along with her two kids who were more or less dying by starvation. They hadn´t had any food at all in the last couple of days! 

We have a chat group in social media with a few close friends. Instantly I shared this story with them and raised around 35,000 BDT (about 380 Euro). Then we made a list of poor people of that village and found out that the number of poor families was too huge, so we couldn’t cover all of them. Thus, we decided to help those families with elderly and children who can´t go outside to work or beg for help. Finally we distributed food packages to more than 60 families. Every package had consisted of:

Rice (Chal) –15 kilos
Pulse (Dal) – 3 kilos
Oil – 1 liter
Salt – 1 kilo
Potatoes – 3 kilos
Soap – 2 pieces

food 2

Food distribution Bangladesh

On 8th June I was informed that more families were starving. Immediately me and my wife raised around 20,000 BDT (about 210 Euro) and distributed food to 14 families. We expect that each family can eat for a month by our food packages.

Best regards Atiqur ”

Atiqur Rahman Bangladesh crop

Now, more than ever, we want to highlight our KappAhl heroes and make their efforts visible so we can inspire each other!
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