Increased online shopping and new services in corona times

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We are selling online like never before. Things are going particularly well for kidswear, where sales have increased by 192%.

These are absolutely fantastic figures!” says Maria Walmu, online manager.

While fewer and fewer customers are visiting our stores to shop, our online sales are through the roof. In the past six weeks they have increased by a whole 142% (statistics accurate to 4 May).
“This is a much bigger increase than normal. Kidswear is doing best – sales there have increased by 192%. These are absolutely fantastic figures!” says Maria Walmu, online manager.

Why, in your view, have sales of kids’ clothes grown in particular?
“Nowadays we are seeing more needs-oriented shopping, but kids are growing all the time, so parents still need to buy clothes for them.”

Sales of women’s and men’s clothes have also increased online. Sales of underwear and women’s accessories have more than doubled.
“Generally it is the more everyday clothes, such as jeans and nightwear for example, that we are seeing big growth for,” says Walmu.

Our customer support has had more than normal to do lately. The number of customers getting in touch has increased across telephone, e-mail, chat and social media.
“We have seen a change in purchasing behaviour, with many people needing help to shop online. Some days we have almost one thousand conversations. We are doing everything we can to give our customers prompt help in these times,” says Kristin Bohman, customer support manager.

Who is getting in touch?
“Many are people in the 50-70 age bracket who are perhaps used to getting help from a sales assistant but who don’t want to visit stores nowadays. They are slightly unsure about how online shopping works.”

Bohman has also seen a sharp rise in customers looking for inspiration and guidance, the service we call Personal Shopping Online – particularly through our new option, Personal Shopping via Mail.
“If you are in need of inspiration and guidance, there are many ways to reach us, including by phone or social media.”

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In recent weeks we have added several new functions to make online shopping easier. One of them is a pop-up with information on getting inspiration and help with placing orders online through our chat service, among others.
“Our chat frequency has increased a lot,” says Bohman.

Another change that makes online shopping easier is that stores, including our online store, have extended their returns period and the collection period for the Click and Collect service. We have also started offering home delivery as an option, at our customers’ request. The service is already up and running in Norway and Finland, and will launch in Sweden within two weeks.
“We have done this so everyone can feel safe in the knowledge that no one who isn’t completely healthy is visiting our stores.”

Customers with a smartphone can always get help placing their order online – all the customer has to do is approve it.
“It’s a function that works well for those who aren’t used to shopping online, or who are short on time. This is a service that is unique to us at KappAhl,” says Bohman.

What would you like to say to those who are staying at home and don’t feel comfortable going into town to shop for clothes right now?
“KappAhl Online is always open, and we are happy to help unseasoned online shoppers with a new spring wardrobe, for example. Make the most of this time at home to clear out your wardrobe and get online instead!”

Posted by Elina Bratt Lejring