“Confidence for Every Body” – a campaign to give women a boost

KN 2008_14_191206_KappAhl_0051_web_OKAt KappAhl we know that women have different shapes and experiences. And we want everyone to feel comfortable and confident. Which is why we are now running the campaign “Confidence for Every Body.”

Just over two weeks ago we launched the campaign “Confidence for Every Body”.  We have filled billboards, TV and social media with women of all different sizes and ages who radiate pride and confidence.
“We just kinda had enough. Women, and everyone for that matter, should be able to be themselves and feel comfortable in their own body. At KappAhl we want to dress our customers in self-confidence. Clothes aren’t everything, but they can make a difference to how a good day feels,” says Linda Härngren, copywriter, who developed the campaign and concept alongside art director Marie Lindström.

The campaign will be returning three times in 2020. The confident women will next be appearing in spring, after which they will pop up again in autumn.
“We don’t want to just reach existing target groups; we also want to reach new customers. Which is why we have broadened our channels, including to TV. We haven’t done that in a long time,” says Härngren.

The thinking behind “Confidence for Every Body” isn’t completely unique to KappAhl – similar concepts can also be found elsewhere around the world right now.
“‘Confidence for Every Body’ is a movement. This is just the first step for us here at KappAhl. We don’t say what’s right or wrong, but offer a palette of possibilities. We want to be a brand for everyone, and to give our customers an opportunity to be their best selves,” says Forsaeus.

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The first part of the campaign runs through weeks 8 to 11, and in conjunction with it we are also offering 25% off on trousers.
“Trousers are a loyalty-driving product group. Customers that like our trousers often come back to us and buy other products. Our customers like us because we make clothes for every body,” says Härngren.

The campaign also highlights our personal shopping service, where all members can get professional help with things like finding the perfect trousers.
“We are very good at trousers. 1.3 million women in Sweden have bought at least two pairs of trousers from us since 2016, says Lena Forsaeus.

In conjunction with the campaign, we are also running a photo competition for the prize of a wardrobe boost worth SEK 5,000.
“The entire campaign should radiate confidence. A confident woman who is very comfortable in her own skin,” says Härngren.

Follow the campaign on social media under #ConfidenceFor #Everybody

Posted by Elina Bratt Lejring