More sustainable jackets for the whole family

kappnetbild återv jackor

This season offers a great choice of cosy, comfortable and more sustainable winter jackets for everyone in the family. The jackets are produced from recycled polyester created from PET wastes, such as plastic bottles.

Left lying around, plastic bottles are both an eyesore and damaging to the environment. But the plastic can be recycled and transformed into new items. Polyester fibres, for example, can be produced from PET bottles and woven into new fabrics.

That’s exactly how we’ve created our warm, delightfully puffy winter jackets which will land in stores in early October – two women’s and children’s jackets, an Xlnt jacket and a men’s jacket. The shell, padding and lining of the jackets are all made from recycled polyester.

“The fact that we have more sustainable jackets in all business areas is a big and important step in our efforts to offer a more sustainable range and brings us closer to our goal of 100 percent more sustainable materials by 2025,” says Lina Nyqvist, Sustainability Manager for Assortment.

“We are proud that we’re able to contribute to waste reduction in this way and move towards a more circular fashion economy. Our aim is to increase the use of recycled fibres and we are involved in projects that are developing technologies that will lead to even greater use of old materials and transform them into new fibres that can be worn again.”

Environmental benefits of recycled polyester

  • Conventional polyester is made from oil, which is a finite natural resource. The extraction and production of oil are both highly energy-intensive processes.
  • By comparison, the process for producing recycled polyester uses fewer new raw materials and chemicals, less energy and water, and emits less carbon dioxide.
  • Using recycled polyester also results in less litter and waste because the basic material is “rubbish”, which would otherwise be burnt or sent to landfill.