All of our denim is more sustainable

kn-bild sust denim

All of KappAhl’s denim is now more sustainable! This means that significantly less water, energy and chemicals go into making our jeans than with conventional production techniques.

Our target of 100% more sustainable denim was set for 2020. But we’ve already reached it, with six months to spare.

“It feels fantastic to know that we are meeting the high bar that we’ve set for KappAhl and that our Responsible Fashion sustainability strategy really is making a difference. Making the production of denim more sustainable will lead to significant resource savings and is a cornerstone to building a more sustainable wardrobe,” says Fredrika Klarén, KappAhl’s head of sustainability.

The next milestone is for all of our cotton to come from more sustainable sources. By next year, all of KappAhl’s cotton will be organic or grown in accordance with the Better Cotton Initiative’s principles.

Posted by Annakarin Thelin