The good being done with “Fine as I am” donations


SEK 13 million to children’s rights organisations in all four of our countries, of which more than SEK 8.5 million to Bris.

That is how much we and our customers have raised over the years in our “Fine as I am” campaigns.

This is how the money has helped.

We frequently organise a “Fine as I am” activity at the start of term each year, one in the spring and one around Christmas time. At these events, we sell products to raise money for our children’s rights partner organisations and let our customers round up the purchase price.

The results have been fantastic. Bris, our partner organisation in Sweden, has received SEK 8.5 million over the years through KappAhl and our customers.

bris magnus jägerskog

How has this money been used, Magnus Jägerskog, General Secretary of Bris?

“It has enabled us to help and support children and young people by phone, live chat and email. This significant contribution has also made it possible for us to forward the stories of these children to politicians and decision-makers, calling on them to take stronger action to recognise the equal worth of all children and protect their right to good health and care. The money has also allowed us to mobilise communities to strive together to give all children a better childhood. A heartfelt thank you, KappAhl, for your support!”

Fine as I am

At KappAhl, we believe that everyone should be free to be themselves, and the motto “Fine as I am” is foundational for the work that we do. Everyone is different, but equally valuable and absolutely fine just the way they are.

In our “Fine as I am” initiative, we work in partnership with organisations that support children and young people whose lives are not easy. What all of these organisations have in common is that they give children the chance to talk with and receive support from an adult.

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