Now all our customers can Round Up with “Fine as I am”

bild KN runda uppThrough our recurring campaign, “Fine as I am”, we donate money to organisations working for children’s best. This time round, we will be raising money both through our products and through the Swedish foundation Runda Upp (“Round Up”), which lets customers round up their purchase and donate some extra ‘change’ to children’s rights organisations.

For several years, KappAhl has run the “Fine as I am” campaign in aid of children’s rights organisations. In Sweden, “Fine as I am” supports Bris, in Norway Kors på Halsen, in Finland the Mannerheim League for Child Welfare and in Poland the Empowering Children Foundation. All of these organisations offer help to children and young people going through tough times, giving them the opportunity to talk to and get support from an adult.

This Christmas’s “Fine as I am” campaign will donate an amount to the organisations for every children’s dressing gown sold.  Reflectors, umbrellas, marker pens and lint rollers are also sold in aid of the organisations.

Round Up in all of KappAhl’s stores

This year, customers will also have the chance to round up their purchase and donate some extra ‘change’ to the children’s rights organisations, through the Swedish foundation Runda Upp (“Round Up”). Runda Upp is a collection channel that gives consumers in stores the chance to donate to charity. The amount that is rounded up is donated in full to the aid organisation.

Runda Upp is a simple, controlled and transparent way for shoppers and consumers to contribute, and for aid organisations to increase their income in aid of good causes.

In the five years since it was founded, Runda Upp has helped consumers to round up roughly forty million Swedish kronor.