KappAhl one of Sweden’s best employers


KappAhl is one of Sweden’s best employers. In a new ranking based on employee ratings, we placed 45 out of over 150 companies.

Every year, the Swedish employer branding company Universum ranks Swedish employers, giving employees the chance to rate their own employers based on the criteria internal identity, satisfaction, willingness to recommend their employer and loyalty.

KappAhl has earned consistently high scores from its employees, and has placed 45 out of over 150 companies ranked.

“All things considered, this score is really good, and in our case it primarily shows that our employees are happy to recommend KappAhl as a workplace, that we have a strong customer focus, that we are socially and environmentally responsible and that we are team-focused in our work,” says Kristian Guander, competence development manager in KappAhl’s HR department.

Employer branding relates to how a company or organisation is perceived to be as an employer by its potential, existing and former employees. A strong internal and external employer brand increases the chances of employee satisfaction, and that employees will stay on and help the organisation to flourish.