One Bag Habit – a sustainable habit

OBH m påse

Fewer bags that get more use: that’s the aim of One Bag Habit, which involves us charging for shopping bags in our stores. And seventy per cent of our customers are now saying no to bags. Together we have created a new sustainable habit!

We need fewer bags and more re-use. In short: new, more sustainable bag habits.

That’s what One Bag Habit is all about – and what it’s also helping to shape! You see, since One Bag Habit was introduced in June 2017, bag consumption at KappAhl has dropped by a full seventy per cent.

What’s more, we have donated the profits from these bag sales – a total of SEK 2.6 million – to organisations working to promote sustainable development.

Now that’s what you call a sustainability win-win – one that makes a difference for people as well as the environment.

Read more about One Bag Habit on our website here.