Newbie won the prize for best new children’s fashion brand

newbie vann

Which is the best new children’s fashion brand in Britain?


Yesterday we won first prize in the Little London Awards.

The British children’s fashion gala Little London Awards is arranged by the luxurious lifestyle magazine Little London.

For the fourth year, the gala took place yesterday, with industry specialists, high-profile parental bloggers and celebrity parents side by side with the nominated brands in the different categories.

And Newbie won the prize for Best new children’s fashion brand.

“We are incredibly proud! It feels really good and honorable, especially considering that we have actually existed in the fashion capital of London for less than a year,” says Camilla Wernlund, head of KappAhl’s New Business.

Overall, Newbie has done well in Britain.

“The welcoming has exceeded our expectations. Newbie has a clear position and profile as a Swedish lifestyle concept focusing on sustainability and price value. The success is based on constantly filling the customer experience with added value in everything from external communication to the customer meeting in store. The strategy is super clear and the UK Newbie team is doing a great job! We are happy with the development and the Newbie expansion will continue in the UK”, says Camilla Wernlund.

Last autumn, British Vogue also appointed Newbie best sustainable brand for children.

Right now, Newbie has e-commerce and four physical stores in Greater London.