Drive and passion carry Elvira forward

From sales assistant to assistant store manager to assistant buyer at headquarters – in two years. Drive, passion and KappAhl’s career paths are carrying 24 year-old Elvira Rusid forward in the industry she is passionate about.

Colour, form, fashion and trends. But also strategies, finance and business skills. For Elvira Rusid, retail offers the optimal menu of possibilities.

“It’s a fast, fun and changing industry. Also, clothes and fashion have always been one of my biggest interests”, says Elvira.

After graduating from secondary school, pursuing further studies in the field was an obvious choice. Elvira chose a course in Textile Management at the Swedish School of Textiles in Borås.

Side job at the store

While studying, she worked on the side as a sales assistant at KappAhl in her hometown of Alingsås.

“The store manager, Sofia, was incredibly motivating. She encouraged me to apply for KappAhl’s own store manager training program. It gave me confidence that she saw and encouraged my ambitions”, Elvira says.

In 2016, after the store manager training, she got a job as an assistant store manager at the Hampton Republic 27 store at the Frölunda Torg shopping centre, which later became a Newbie Store.

“It’s a store that has a great atmosphere – I really enjoyed it there”, Elvira recalls.

“In addition, my retail experience is an unquestionable advantage that I can bring to other areas of the industry.”

Summer position the way in

Over time, she became increasingly attracted to the possibility of testing out her abilities in the purchasing field. While touring the design- and purchasing department at headquarters with a group of other employees, she was introduced to one of KappAhl’s senior management, who turned out to have an open temporary summer position for an assistant buyer.


KappAhl is a warm, supportive company with managers who believe in their employees and provide them with opportunities.


“I took it! And it was as interesting as I’d thought it would be”, says Elvira.

After another stint at the Newbie Store, she has been working since May in a long-term temporary position as an assistant buyer in KappAhl’s Women’s Department. She has taken to it like a fish to the water.

What does an assistant buyer do?

“Just what it sounds like: you help and assist your buyer. More concretely, it involves contacting suppliers, handling samples and coordinating the testing of garments, among other things. It’s super fun, and I’m learning so much – I learn something new every day”, Elvira describes.

Working at headquarters in the purchasing department had been one of her professional goals. Now, it’s a goal she has achieved.

“I want to be where things are happening, and I want to have an impact. I feel like I can do that here”, she says, reaching her arm out towards the rows of clothes and fabric samples.

What does the future look like for you?

“I want to continue working in the clothing industry, preferably at KappAhl. It is a warm, supportive company with managers who believe in their employees and provide them with opportunities. Those who want to advance in their careers have every opportunity to do so.”


Posted by Annakarin Thelin