A fitness retreat spells success for our lending wardrobe

Damernas Värld’s Chief Editor Martina Bonnier in our nice spotted dress side by side with Olivia Larsson, KappAhl’s fashion PR responsible.

A scramble for our pink Vintage dress and a 3XL jackpot for one visitor.

Our lending wardrobe at Damernas Värld magazine’s fitness retreat was so popular that one evening we even had to shut up shop, to let the retreat’s other sponsors get a look-in.

In May, 105 women aged between 45 and 75 travelled to Mallorca for a fitness retreat with the magazine Damernas Värld and a bunch of sponsors – including KappAhl.

“We came on board as a sponsor quite late, so we had to put together a lending wardrobe and 105 sets of fitness wear for the participants, pronto,” says Olivia Larsson, fashion press responsible in Sweden.

Guiding the customers

She and Sussie Sjöqvist, who works on KappAhl’s social media, were KappAhl’s fitness retreat team. During the week, they were responsible for everything from spreading the word about KappAhl and showing off our fitness wear, to doing weight training and yoga alongside the rest of the participants – not to mention acting as stylists and fashion consultants.

“Our lending wardrobe was a huge success – we were literally overrun with visitors. We hardly had time to get the clothes on the hangers before they were borrowed again,” says Larsson.

Many participants found their favourites straight away, whereas others wanted a little bit of help and guidance.

“One woman was absolutely convinced we wouldn’t find a single thing to fit her: ‘I’m an XXXL, good luck!’ she said. But of course we did – we have so many fantastic Xlnt clothes. She looked great and was really pleased,” says Larsson.

Which item was the most popular?

“The pink Vintage dress! It was never on the hanger for more than a couple of minutes before being borrowed again. One evening, Damernas Värld actually told us to close the lending wardrobe early, as the other sponsors were hardly getting any visitors!” Larsson reveals.