A new opportunity for Sheuli

bangla4“Before I started at the training centre my life was hopeless. I lived with my husband and his family and we had financial problems. My husband was an alcoholic and it was impossible to live with him. I moved from Dhaka to Gajipur and my new neighbour told me about the training centre in Cheragali. She said I could get a job afterwards if I participated in the training there. I went and met those in charge and was accepted for a place at the training centre. After a while I got a job at Fashion Step!”

     “Now I can live my life as I want. For example, if I want something special to eat I can do that now. I can help my family and send my child to school. I can buy clothes, food and medicine for my mother. I can get all we need now!” says Sheuli Begum, textile worker and single mother.

Sheuli’s story is one of many success stories from Kapp- Ahl’s training centre in the outskirts of Dhaka in Bangladesh. We opened the centre in 2010 and here we receive women between the ages of 18 and 35, who come from poor circumstances and lack formal education. During the three-month training they learn not only to use a sewing machine but also practice reading and writing, learning about health and safety and about women’s rights. All the women are offered work after the training and there are examples of previous participants now having achieved positions of responsibility in sewing factories. In 2017, 93 women received training and since the start in 2010, 580 women have completed the training.

Inlagt av Charlotte Högberg