From sales representative to regional manager


At KappAhl employees are given many opportunities to develop and we prefer internal recruitment. Pernilla Thorsell started as a sales representative at KappAhl 27 years ago, has worked as store manager since 2003 and now she is looking forward to leading and inspiring other store managers in the role of regional manager. “In my 27 years at KappAhl I have always felt seen and as if I have a say – regardless of my position,” says Pernilla.

Pernilla Thorsell is positive. Energetic. Walks fast, talks fast and says herself that she works best when she has “a bit too much on”. Quite simply, the archetype of a person who likes juggling tasks. And one who can also catch all the balls when they come back down.

Managing to do that requires a strong dose of structure and some mean  organisational skills. “I’m good at that, and I’m also a real stickler for it. How do things look? What do we have to work around? From that, I make plans and organise. Steer things, trying to keep one step ahead.”

She started in 1990 as a sales representative in the KappAhl store at Sergels torg in Stockholm. A few years later she went to the store at Globen and there had the opportunity to train as a visual merchandiser.

In 2003 Pernilla Thorsell received KappAhl’s store manager training after which she became manager of her first store. The store in Sollentuna increased its sales by several hundred per cent under her leadership.

After a couple of years she moved on to the store at Hötorget, thereafter it was Farsta, which she ran at times in parallel with the store in Huddinge, and in-between all this she fitted in a bit of mentorship for new store managers.

In 2014 our flagship store on Drottninggatan in Stockholm awaited. And now it’s time for the next step on her KappAhl journey.

“It feels incredible, I’m so psyched up!” says Pernilla Thorsell and talks enthusiastically about her 23 stores in eastern Sweden that she is to support and lead as well as she can in her role of regional manager.