Sustainable even when swimming



A swimsuit made of old plastic bottles? Well… yes, actually! This spring sees the launch of KappAhl’s first sustainable swimwear. KappAhl’s first sustainable swimwear is on its way – part of our long-term strategy of developing a completely sustainable assortment.

The garments contain recycled materials – polyamide and polyester, which have been
made using products that have reached the end of their lifecycle. This may be PET bottles, fishing nets and other plastic products, as well as waste materials from industry.
Using recycled fibres requires fewer resources and has a smaller impact on the environment.

Recycled polyester and polyamide also save a lot of water and chemicals
in comparison with materials produced “from scratch”. The sustainable swimwear will be labelled with our green labels and the text “recycled fibers” and will land in stores and online this week.